Imperial Barber Pomade

The company is one of the most popular brands in men’s grooming. You may already be familiar with Imperial Barber products, and if you are not, your barber or stylist must have definitely applied some of their products at some point or the other. This all American company boasts the tagline, ‘Made by barbers. Made to work. Made in USA,’ and there couldn’t be a more definitive description of their products. Started by master barbers, Pedro Zermeno and Scott Serrata, in 2009, Imperial Barber prides itself on introducing top quality grooming products for American men.

After spending thirty years in grooming, the creators of the brand became disappointed at the lack of proper hair styling products in the market. This is when they decided to come up with their own product that was not too greasy, waxy or gel-like. Their efforts paid off with the birth of the classic pomade, which went on to become the strongest water based pomade in the country.

Imperial barber spent more than two years testing their pomades on real customers and introducing their products at barber shops. The creators of the company began to expand their range of pomades when the response was overwhelmingly positive and people really wanted more of the All-American products.

Why choose the Imperial Barber Pomades?

Imperial barber has a range of various grooming products such as skin care, shaving and hair styling. Their pomades are highly popular all across the country and are synonymous with classic American styles. People who regularly use Imperial Barber products cannot help but rave about them; their pomades have garnered some of the top reviews from barbers and individual customers alike.

People who chose these pomades for styling have yet to find anything wrong with them. Given that the team behind the brand has spent almost thirty years developing and perfecting the craft of men’s styling, it is no surprise. Their pomades are primarily water based, have a strong hold and can resist weather changes while maintaining a medium shine within the hair. Its texture and unique formula allows the user to easily remove the product and clean their hair with just one rinse.

Imperial Barber Pomade Effectivity Analysis:

The company has a range of pomades which can provide everything, from a classic look to a matte finish. You can try various different hairstyles without worrying about losing the hold or reapplying the product. All of the Imperial Barber’s pomades are created for all hair types and texture. In fact, those who have used the products say that the pomades actually make their hair look and feel better.

One of the best features of these pomades is its long lasting hold. For most people, the pomade works because it can stay within the hair and hold them throughout the day. This means that you will not have to worry about your hairstyle for the next 24 hours after applying the pomade.

The best results can be obtained by applying the pomade in dry hair. When the hair is slightly damp or wet, it can affect the long lasting hold of the pomade. You can choose any of the pomades, including the gel one which is great for adding volume to the hair and enhancing their overall look.

Pros and Cons of the Imperial Barber:

As we have mentioned before, there are virtually no downsides to using these products. However, if you are looking for some specific traits, then there are a few things which should be considered. Imperial Barber pays close attention the formula and development of the hair and skin range, and the pros to using their products are infinite. While there is no doubt that the quality and results of the products is top notch, it doesn’t mean that they are completely devoid of any cons.


  • The water solubility of the pomade is one of the highlights of this range. It makes it easy to remove and apply without compromising on the hair style.
  • It has very subtle and pleasant fragrance that is similar to that of a watermelon.
  • The pomades are weather resistance and even if it rains heavily, your hair is going to stay in place.
  • It allows flexibility in hair without affecting the hold.
  • A small quantity can last for the entire day and night as well.
  • Users can determine their own hold by applying it to damp hair for a lighter hold and dry hair for a strong one.
  • If at any point the hair gets out of place, they can be reset with the help of a little water.
  • All the pomades work like a charm on thick and wavy hair which are difficult to set and style.


  • More expensive than the other pomades available in the market.
  • Hold can vary from time to time if the hair are particularly fine or there is a high level of humidity in the air,
  • Sometimes the strong hold can make it difficult for users to brush or comb their hair.
  • Fragrance does not last for the entire time the product stays.

Where to buy Imperial Barber Pomade?

The company is based out of the Unites States and caters to people within the country only. In order to buy their products, one can browse through their website or just click on the product description given here. You will be directed to the Amazon landing page where you will find their entire hair and skin range listed. Choose the pomade that you think is best and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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Top Imperial Barber Products:

  1. Classic Pomade: It is one of the bestselling products and is good for all hair types. You can adjust the hold easily by just applying water to your hair or drying them. For that classic, slick back look, make sure that you apply it substantially and within dry hair.
  2. BlackTop Pomade: This pomade comes with a black tint for effect which people can use to their advantage. It works well for covering gray hair and keeps them in place tightly. However, if you want that messy look, then simply apply a little water to reset hair.
  3. Fiber Pomade: It provides a medium hold and helps in improving hair texture. The pomade is especially good for those who are bike enthusiasts as it keeps the hair in place despite the helmet.