Layrite Pomade

Layrite has been in the grooming business since 1999. They opened their first barber shop and shaving parlor during that year in California. Most of the men who came in for grooming purposes had hair problems. The experts at Layrite soon realized that the core issue was greasy hair, which prevented them from getting a proper and ideal haircut. This prompted the Layrite groomers at the rockabilly shop to look for instant solutions to the persistent problem of greasy hair. After concocting different formulas and testing the best results of each, Layrite was able to create their own signature pomade which can be washed out with just water. It was launched in 2001 and proved to be highly successful.

Let’s talk about this magical Deluxe Pomade in detail.

Why Choose the Layrite Pomade?

While other companies also invest a lot in pomades, Layrite focuses all its efforts into making sure that their customers benefit from the best products that deliver as promised. The company started out with pomades when it was able to achieve that perfect mix of elements together to formulate a grease free product. Soon enough, their barbershop customers were raving about its water solubility and unique formula.

As demand rose, Layrite expanded production and began to experiment with pomades keeping the customers’ feedback in mind. Despite its range of different pomades and increased production, Layrite made sure that the quality remained top notch. This is what separates Layrite Pomade from others. The quality, formula and hassle free application or removal, makes these products stand out amongst all.

Layrite Pomade Effectivity Analysis:

The company is based out of Orange County, California, and has become synonymous with fine American Men grooming. Their products are all about achieving that classic yet sleek look which makes an impression at first sight. Layrite Pomades have been tested and approved by barbers everywhere, and are said to be some of the finest men’s grooming products in the industry today.

When it comes to the hold and texture of the pomade, there is no question of its effectiveness. The pomade is known for holding hair in place for long periods of time and making them easy to style. Layrite has ensured that the greasy look permanently stays away, and within minutes of application, you will find your hair looking slick and shiny. The best part is that this pomade works on all kinds of hair; hence, whether you have thick, curly, wavy or thin straight hair, styling will not be a problem for you anymore.

Layrite prides itself on making pomades which hold like ‘wax and wash out like gel’. This is actually true for all their grooming products. They hold in place for a maximum amount of time without giving a waxy or slimy look. With these pomades, you can style your hair anyway you want without putting in too much time or effort.

Pros and Cons of Layrite Pomades:

Just like all other products out there, these grooming pomades also come with significant pros and cons. As testified by the numerous happy customers, there is no doubt that the pros outweigh the cons by a huge different. While the pros of using these pomades are many, the cons are very few.

  • The main selling point of the product is water solubility, which makes it very easy to wash out and restyle hair.
  • One shampoo wash will remove the pomade without the use of force on either the hair or scalp.
  • The pomades can help the hair become shiny and manageable.
  • You can restyle your hair just by running your fingers through them
  • The pomade holds even after an entire day and night, requiring very little resetting effort on part of the user.
  • Lightweight and can withstand hot or humid weather conditions.
  • You can rewet hair to style again and will not need to use the pomade again.
  • It carries a distinctive and soft fragrance that adds to its appeal.

  • It is slightly more expensive than most grooming products in the market.
  • Most effective on dry, hence the user has to make sure that their hair is at least damp before applying the product.
  • People with longer hair need to use the pomade in a greater amount than those with shorter hair.
  • You will need to try it on a few times before the hold of the pomade can be determined for your particular hair type.

Where to buy Layrite Pomade?

In order to make it easy and convenient for you, we have listed all four of their pomades here so that you can figure out which one will be best suited to your hair. Those who are looking to purchase any of their grooming products can try Amazon or Layrite’s online store website which lists all their grooming products.

Layrite Deluxe Pomades:

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  1. Layrite Original Pomade: It is a highly versatile hair styling product that can be used to hold short, long, fine or normal hair in place. The pomade can be used to style a number of different cuts such as crew, fauxhawks, fades, quiffs, spikes or any other classic slick back. You can control the hold and shine by applying it on dry or damp hair accordingly.
  2. Layrite Super hold Pomade: This is used to specifically style hair that is very thick, coarse and curly. The pomade has been created for maximum and strong hold which is necessary to keep such hair together. It is quite similar to the original pomade except for the gel like texture and mild vanilla fragrance. The pomade dries naturally, does not flake and holds the hair in place for as long as you want.
  3. Layrite Super Shine Hair Cream: If you want your hair to shine naturally throughout the day, this is the product that you want. Its water soluble formula makes it easy to wash out and creates the super shine which can give your hair a polished and sleek look.
  4. Layrite Cement Hair Clay: This is a water based cream which makes styling and holding hair extremely easy. This is an incredible product that gives volume, shine and strength to fine hair. Whether you are going for a messy or slick back look, this clay will hold your hair together all day and make them appeal naturally clean and fresh.