Best Water Based Pomade

If you have just now started using pomades then you might be interested in knowing more about the pros and cons of water based pomades. As already mentioned, there are two types of hair pomades; oil based and water based. The effect of each is slightly different from each other as oil based pomade gives your hair excessive sheen, shine and glossiness while the water based pomade offers a completely matte look without making your hair greasy.

Water based pomade is believed to be a modern, improved and skin friendly version of the conventional oil based type. Water based pomades basically are just like regular pomades but the difference is that where oil based pomades have oil as their main styling agent, the water based ones contain water as their key ingredient. These are also called water soluble pomades.
The difference between both forms of pomade is similar to the alcohol based and alcohol-free aftershave lotions. It is hard to select between the two however, it totally depends upon the type of your hair and requirement that dictates the choice of pomade type.
For instance, if your hair type is oily or greasy then it won’t be a good idea to go for oil based pomade simply because it will make your scalp even greasier. This won’t be good for the health of your scalp and the effect of pomade will also be affected. On the other hand, water based pomade is perfect for those having oily hair type because they won’t be feeling excessively greasy and will not feel any kind of discomfort.

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There are numerous benefits of water based pomades such as you can easily wash them off from your hair as these do not stick on to the hair follicles or scalp. This is a great advantage primarily because you don’t need to apply a lot of shampoo to wash away the pomade. It only requires one application of shampoo to get rid of the pomade. Although now we have really good types of oil based pomades that are also easily washed but in comparison, water based type still is more convenient as far as washing the hair is concerned.
You also can choose from a variety of holds and shine levels when you have chosen water based pomade as your hair styling product. Since water is their main ingredient therefore, it is easier to modify the water content in the product so as to give maximum or minimum level of hold.

One of the best aspects of water based pomades is that these are perfectly suitable for all sorts of weather conditions. So, if you live in very humid and hot environment then water based pomade is the best option. Even if the environment is colder, water based pomades will work fine without causing any problem like dryness or insufficient hold. You cannot enjoy this sort of convenience with oil based pomades as in hot weather or warmer regions, these simply make your scalp extra oily and the hold is also not that effective.

Water based pomades are also more suitable for people with oily skin types because oil based pomades are known to cause acne breakouts while water based pomades do not do so. Water based pomades tend to give a drier and matte look and even if the weather is extremely hot, you won’t need to wipe away the oil from your forehead at all since there is no oily ingredient involved.
Water based pomades provide similar hold as oil based pomades do but you may not be getting the trademark shine and glossiness that is usually associated with pomades. This is possible with oil based pomades only because oil naturally provides shine and sheen to your hair.

Now let’s consider the downsides of water based pomades, which are literally minimal. The only thing factor that can be counted as a disadvantage for many is the higher cost of water based pomades, which can be attributed to their complex formula. However, as water based pomades have become quite commonly available now and hence, the prices vary from brand to brand. You can get a good quality and reliable water based pomade in reasonable price too.

Another downside is that you need to apply more quantity of water based pomade in comparison to oil based pomade. So, the chances of running out of pomade sooner than expected are higher in water based option than oil based.